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Sorry, I missed noticing when the meeting actually happened.

I also donated the following stuff that is already in the space: - 2x hotel drop lamp shades - a portable freezer box (Nestle Tollhouse display) - a working credit card encryptor, - 4 credit card electric imprinters, - 18 trash cans, - 3 small (6') green market umbrellas, - 2 large mirrors (no frame), - about 60 wicker baskets, - a mountable metal vise, - a large box of thermoplastic - printer /scanner in unknown condition - 3x wood box facades (from Borders)

 I will also be bringing in 

- two more 6' shelving cabinets, - 4x 20 inch standing wood shelving units, - 2 pegboard cabinets, - 6'wide low display cabinet and a 3 section, 15' wood magazine rack/shelving.

Most of this stuff was acquired from the Crescent Market Auction. There are some additional display pieces that were not sold at auction that are in excellent shape but they have to be picked up by next Monday if anyone wants to go look it's at the Crescent Market on Western and 63rd, across the parking lot from the Coach House restaurant.

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